BetJACK Casino


BetJack Casino is a new style of Casino that does not require real money betting. This is a Social Casino where all the games can be played for free, and no money exchanges hands. US players must confirm they are eligible to play and are over 21 before being accepted to the Casino and receiving the welcome 20000 chips. Every day login brings the player an extra 500 chips per day in addition to 100 cumulative chips for consecutive logging in. So on day three, the player receives 800 chips. All these chips and any extra chips earned are linked to the ClubJack Card. Players earn points on the ClubJack Casino, and these can be used for competitions and other benefits. The Casino also offers the opportunity to buy extra chips using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. And if purchasing, players receive a 6x bonus on the first purchase made. Apart from the many benefits and bonuses, there is also a VIP Lounge with exclusive offers, and logging into the Casino via social media brings players extra benefits and bonuses.

Games and How to Play at BetJack Casino

BetJack Casino is a social Casino, meaning the aim is to have fun and not always about winning. Players who constantly win earn points and see their names on a leaderboard. Top players receive extra benefits and bonuses and earn more points that can be used for special bonuses. Many top software providers, including KA Gaming, Pragmatic, Slingo, and Novomatic, provide games at BetJack Casino. There are over fifty exciting slot games in addition to roulette and blackjack options, video poker, and some Keno games. Support is readily available for all logged players through email, and the Casino provides a list of questions and answers that guide each player through the Casino experience. Social gaming at BetJack Casino is the same as the online and mobile Casinos without worrying about spending too much and, to a certain extent, without the competition and stress of always trying to win.

In today's review, we're going to be taking a look at the BetJACK Casino. I have already written about this one before, but there are some important updates that I needed to add to keep you guys up to date, so if you're interested in staying in the loop with the BetJACK Casino, then keep on reading. In today's review, we're going to be taking a look at their lobby, new video slots, new promotions, mobile compatibility, free play and registration, and finally, the casino help that they offer. So if I have mentioned something that you're keen on learning more about, be sure to keep on reading, because I'm going to be going into the deepest of details.

Is the BetJACK Casino lobby easy to use and navigate?

Yes, you will be happy to hear that the BetJACK Casino's lobby is really easy to use and navigate. I hate online casinos that make this tricky, because it really shouldn't be at all. I love online casinos that are straight to the point and don't mess about with confusing interfaces. Another thing worth noting about the BetJACK Casino that I didn't before, is that it is super smooth and never has any ads or pop-ups. So if you're a gamer that gets easily frustrated with these things, then this could definitely be the perfect one for you.

Which new video slots are available at the BetJACK Casino?

As I mentioned in my previous review, there are tons of fun games to play at the BetJACK Casino, including the likes of roulette, blackjack, video poker and keno games, but in this section we're going to be primarily focusing on the new video slot games that are offered. Some of the most popular ones that have been recently introduced include the Twin Spin Megaways Slots, the Starburst Slots, the Divine Fortune Megaways Slots, the Riches Of Midgard: Land and Expand Slots, the Starburst Xxxtreme Slots and finally, the Divine Fortune Slots. If any of these caught your attention, be sure to give them a try. They've received some really great reviews and they have all been developed by the top software providers, so you're going to receive epic things.

Which new promotions are available at the BetJACK Casino?

I have discussed all of the top promotions that are available at the BetJACK Casino in my previous review, but there is one that needs to be updated on. The BetJACK Casino has just started to introduce no depositing bonuses, but there are currently none available at this time. Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks to see if there is another update on this.

Is the BetJACK Casino mobile compatible?

If you are anything like me, then you'll be delighted to hear that the BetJACK Casino is 100% compatible for mobiles. This is an excellent update for them, because it means that it is more accessible, therefore more players are able to join in on the fun. Let that be you, and check them out today!

Is there free play available at the BetJACK Casino? Is registration easy?

As an update to my last review, you'll be happy to hear that free play is available at the BetJACK Casino, however, if you wish to benefit from their epic bonuses and promotions, then you should definitely create an account so that you can. The signup process is super quick and easy, so there is nothing stopping you!

Is there a helpline I can contact at the BetJACK Casino?

Yes, there is of course a helpline that you can contact at the BetJACK Casino. They are available 24/7, so whenever you need the help, you can easily reach out.


So there we have it, folks! An updated review on the BetJACK Casino. I hope this has been of help to you, and that it helps you if you decide to play here. Remember to stay safe and play responsibly at all times.